Revenue based financing or royalty based financing is a type of financial capital provided the smaller growing businesses in which investors inject capital into a business in return for a percentage of ongoing gross revenues.


An Overview

Revenue Based Finance is the easiest way to get the capital your organization needs. It is short-term money with terms typically ranging from 3 to 18 months. This type of finance is used for revenue generating activities or emergency expenses.

Revenue Based Finance is an alternative to bank loans. Almost all conventional bank loans require collateral or significant assets. With revenue based financing you don’t need good credit, nor do you need any kind of collateral or significant assets to qualify. The creditor/lender does not take any upfront ownership or stake in the business at all you’re basically selling a percentage of your future revenue for a fee or what’s just commonly known as a discount.                

There is no interest rate because revenue based financing isn’t a loan it is a cash advance. You pay a fee for getting an advance against your future credit card sales. The fee you pay is determined by the cash flow analysis.

You can be approved and funded with just 3-6 months of business bank and credit card processing statement and an online application. You cannot be behind on your rent/mortgage payments.